CFXQ Holders and LPs Rewards Explained

What holding CFXQ and providing liquidity gives you

In this article, we explain how to maximize your CFXQ holdings.

If you hold and connect to Discord you earn.
If you add liquidity and connect to Discord, you earn more.
APY% is about 160%.


If you simply hold the tokens in your Metamask wallet and connect it to Discord, you will get these roles:

Once you have these roles you get these Tips daily

@10 — CFXQ Hodler = 0.5 CFXQ per day
@100 — CFXQ Hodler = 1 CFXQ per day
@250 — CFXQ Hodler = 1.5 CFXQ per day
@500 — CFXQ Hodler = 2 CFXQ per day

Tips will appear in your wallet in Discord, there is no need to do anything.

If you want to upgrade your roles, withdraw from to your Metamask wallet.


If you add liquidity in the pool, you will automatically get some LP tokens called UNI-V2.
The more LP tokens you have, the more CFXQ per day you get.

E.g. if you add 100 xDAI and the corresponding CFXQ, you’ll get $1.44 worth of CFXQ a day ($43.2 per month).

Tips will appear in your wallet in Discord, you can withdraw them to Metamask and add to your liquidity for higher rewards.
Do not worry about the fees, it’s basically free.

NOTE: The price of CFXQ is changing all the time, so the amount of LP tokens you get is changing too. For the Discord roles, please refer always to the amount of LPs token stated in every roles here above . Do not refer on the amount of xDAI.


If you are active in Discord and visit at least once a day, you can also get your share of the 24 hours airdrops.
These happen in specific channels you have access to because of your roles.

Airdrops for Holders:

#10-cfxq-hodlers: 25 CFXQ airdrops
#100-cfxq-hodlers 25 CFXQ airdrops
#250-cfxq-hodlers 25 CFXQ airdrops
#500-cfxq-hodlers 25 CFXQ airdrops

Higher roles can also participate to drops in lower roles channels.

For instance:

  • If you have the 500 — CFXQ Hodler role, you can have a share of the airdrop in ALL channels.
  • If you have the 250— CFXQ Hodler, you can have a share of the airdrop in ALL channels below 250 (not on 500).
  • And so on…

Airdrops for Liquidity Providers:

#5xdai-lp: 5 CFXQ airdrops
#25xdai-lp: 10 CFXQ airdrops
#50xdai-lp: 20 CFXQ airdrops
#100xdai-lp: 40 CFXQ airdrops
#250xdai-lp: 50 CFXQ airdrops
#500xdai-lp: 60 CFXQ airdrops
#1000xdai-lp: 70 CFXQ airdrops
#2000xdai(and over)-lp: 100 CFXQ airdrops

You will have access to only one channel in this case.

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